Karen + Steve

Awwww, our homeowners just warm our hearts.  It was several months ago that we met with the Goldstein’s to select their “pretty” stuff.  I just pulled up their picture to do a blog post and it instantly sparked a smile on my face.  They exude “happy” and love.  They have picked Lot 3037 to build their Emerson, leaving their current life in Dunwoody.   We are so happy to have met you both and look forward to seeing you at Soleil!

Welcome Goldstein’s!

XO = Jenna + Lisa



Beverly is making the move!

Welcome Beverly to Soleil! She and her agent/friend, Amy, picked out some really beautiful stuff for Beverly’s new pad.  She is moving here from Cumming where she has lived for about 15 years!   This is an exciting move!!

You will find her in a Dalton on lot #3041.

Have a great weekend!

DC Girls  hughes.png

Keeping it Local!

These new Soleil friends of ours are keeping it local by staying in Georgia!  All building in the new section, L10 there are houses are getting started!

Chuck and Sue Surdi – Lot #3008  Moving from Powder Springs!



#3016 The Blake’s!  Moving from Douglasville


The Patrick’s – Building on lot #3013 – Moving from McDonough


Busy Days in Windy Ridge Lane..

No longer are the days when we had to imagine what Windy Ridge Lane was going to look like.  To our astonishment most of these homes are already up and rocking and rolling inside.  The street appeal is looking fantastic and we just love how everything is coming together.  There will be a lot of celebrating going on once boxes start feeling up these homes!

XO – Jenna + Lisa



Floridians make the switch..

These Floridians are choosing to make the move to the Mountains @ Soleil and we are so glad they did.

Not to say we aren’t a little jealous of their beach life, there is still nothing better than driving through Laurel Canyon taking in the views especially on a winters day.  If you haven’t seen snow in Soleil yet you are in for a special treat!

Coincidentally, these two Florida couples currently live only 10 minutes apart and I’m not sure they even know it!

The Minor’s are building on #3027 moving here from Clermont, FL


The Proch’s are building on #3006 moving from Groveland, FL