Eclipse Party!

I’m not sure what was better our view on the top of Soleil or the eclipse itself.  All I know is we have a great work family to watch it with.  Each of us adds a little something special to our dynamic and I’m so proud to be a part of this team!   XO – Jenna

eclipse groupeclipseeclipse3

….Calling Soleil Home

We love being apart of this experience with buyers.  For many they are moving thousands of miles to be here while others are downsizing thousands of square feet!  So meeting with the Berzolla’s to create their dream home was a blast. They are moving all the way from Marathon, NY and 81 Acres of farm land!  Welcome to GA!berzollanew.png

Living in HARMON-y

Jean and Steve Harmon’s new digs are underway on Laurel Overlook!  It is going to be so beautiful.  They are coming to us from Marietta and are building for the 1st time!  It was really fun going through this experience with them thus far.  Luckily their good friends already live here so they were able to help them get started!  We are excited for you both, Welcome to the neighborhood   🙂   ~ Jenna + Lisa


Karen + Steve

Awwww, our homeowners just warm our hearts.  It was several months ago that we met with the Goldstein’s to select their “pretty” stuff.  I just pulled up their picture to do a blog post and it instantly sparked a smile on my face.  They exude “happy” and love.  They have picked Lot 3037 to build their Emerson, leaving their current life in Dunwoody.   We are so happy to have met you both and look forward to seeing you at Soleil!

Welcome Goldstein’s!

XO = Jenna + Lisa



Beverly is making the move!

Welcome Beverly to Soleil! She and her agent/friend, Amy, picked out some really beautiful stuff for Beverly’s new pad.  She is moving here from Cumming where she has lived for about 15 years!   This is an exciting move!!

You will find her in a Dalton on lot #3041.

Have a great weekend!

DC Girls  hughes.png